Building for the Future - 2022 Annual Report

From the Director

This has been a big year for infrastructure—which is big news for salmon. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act make historic federal investments, totaling over $3 billion, in projects with direct benefits to salmon. The newl aws also join growing initiatives by Tribal, state, and local governments to put in place sustainable, climate-resilient strategies for infrastructure and ecosystems in an era of rapid change.

I’m encouraged to see this momentum building. The advance of climate change makes it more important than ever to recognize that our waterfronts, roads, and bridges must support not just growing communities, but a functioning environment and recovering fish populations. We know this approach works: from Puget Sound culvert replacements to the undammed Elwha, we’re seeing how quickly salmon respond when we build with the ecosystem in mind. On a visit to the Elwha this summer, I took the photo on the cover of this report, inspired to see salmon returning to this ancestral habitat. Inside, you’ll find updates from LLTK on how we’re tackling some of Puget Sound’s most challenging infrastructure barriers, teaming up with a powerful network of partners to re-envision these spaces with salmon at the center.

As always, teamwork is at the heart of our efforts. Infrastructure, like salmon, is by definition a shared resource: something we all rely on and invest in together. Now more than ever, we’re grateful for your support as we build bridges for salmon.

Jacques White, LLTK Executive Director

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Bridging Salmon and Infrastructure

Guiding salmon past the Hood Canal Bridge
Since 2015, LLTK has been coordinating a team effort of federal, state, Tribal, and nonprofit partners to solve extraordinarily high mortality for juvenile steelhead at the Hood Canal Bridge. The Hood Canal Bridge Ecosystem Impact Assessment showed that up to 50% of steelhead smolts die attempting to pass the bridge, making it one of the deadliest infrastructure barriers for salmon in Washington State. In April 2022, NOAA published new tracking data, drawing a more detailed picture of how the bridge delays steelhead migration and makes them easy prey. Based on this research, this summer LLTK awarded a contract to build and test a fish guidance structure – a giant floating “fillet” to help young fish navigate past the bridge’s problematic corners (and local predators) more quickly. Next spring, our partners at NOAA and the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe will be monitoring juvenile steelhead and salmon passage with and without the fillet in place, hoping to see evidence that it helps more fish survive.

Building and testing the fillet is possible thanks to funding support from the Washington State Legislature and the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe, a first step towards reducing this roadblock for threatened Hood Canal steelhead and salmon. If successful, additional fillets could be constructed to boost survival and buy time for these populations. In the long run, it’s clear that a new bridge design will provide the best path forward to keep both fish and people moving safely across the canal.

Partnering to lower temperatures in the Lake Washington Ship Canal
Seattle’s Lake Washington Ship Canal was built a century ago to connect Lake Washington to Puget Sound. The Canal created today’s major shipping lane but radically changed the environment, rerouting rivers and leaving salmon with a difficult artificial path to their spawning grounds. The negative impacts to salmon runs are now growing more urgent due to climate change. During the summer, when sockeye, Chinook, and coho must pass through the Canal on their return to the Cedar and Sammamish Rivers, they face abrupt transitions between salt and fresh water, harmful high temperatures, and low dissolved oxygen. These conditions leave salmon vulnerable to predators and disease, draining their energy or killing them before they can spawn. Building on decades of work by led by the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Suquamish Tribe, and state, local, and federal partners, LLTK is partnering with the WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Council to coordinate a broad effort to find and implement solutions. This fall, we released a Phase 1 Report, outlining the most promising alternatives and laying the groundwork to make the Canal’s waters cooler and less deadly for Seattle’s iconic salmon runs.

“The waterways that make this region so beautiful are also complex, living things. Human behavior, trade, and now climate change impact these ecosystems in a myriad of ways, including by changing the temperature of the water in certain places, further endangering our already struggling salmon populations. Supporting salmon restoration is foundational not only to the health of our regional waterways but to the survival of our Orcas and more broadly to the culture of the Pacific Northwest. Thank you to Long Live the Kings for working collaboratively with WRIA 8, the Suquamish and Muckleshoot tribes, and other partners to work to address rising temperatures in the Ship Canal and support salmon survival.”

– Jeanne Kohl-Welles, King County Councilmember

Survive the Sound
Survive the Sound had a record-breaking year, with more than 25,000 people and nearly 1,000 classrooms following the epic journey of steelhead to the ocean! New this year, racers could experience the entire migration in English and Spanish, and explore perspectives on salmon recovery with Tribes and marine scientists across the region.

STS highlights:
Surviving fish: 7
Most popular new fish: Hank
Grand Prize winners: Fox 13 and Emerald Hills Elementary Lakers
Thanks to Fox 13 for donating their prize to Liberty Ridge Elementary School!

Compost to the rescue at Ohop Creek
With the recent discovery that a chemical derived from car tires is extraordinarily lethal to coho salmon, finding ways to clean roadway runoff before it reaches salmon streams became more urgent than ever. We teamed up with the Nisqually Indian Tribe, Cedar Grove, Herrera, and many more to pilot a mobile biofiltration system using compost to clean polluted stormwater near restored salmon habitat near Mount Rainier. Water samples collected during rainstorms in early 2022 show preliminary, but promising, signs that this unique system can safely remove contaminants from tire dust and other toxic chemicals from stormwater in sensitive salmon habitat. Read more in our guest blog post from the Nisqually Salmon Recovery magazine Yil Me Hu.
A rest stop for salmon at Vigor Shipyard
For young Chinook salmon, estuary habitat is a critical key to survival: this is where they eat, grow, and prepare to enter the ocean. The Duwamish Estuary at the heart of Seattle’s industrial waterfront has lost more than 97% of the habitat it once provided for these fish. Our partners at Vigor believe that working shorelines can be managed to benefit salmon and the environment, and they’re leading the way by restoring 2.6 acres of habitat to create a pocket of estuary habitat in their Harbor Island shipyard. LLTK is working with the UW Wetland Ecosystem Team to monitor how salmon and their food sources respond to this new shoreline “rest stop”. This summer, we toured the restoration area with community members, salmon scientists, and local leaders to learn about the work in progress. The restoration is expected to be complete in time to welcome young salmon next spring. Learn how our partners at UW collect the contents of salmon stomachs to study the effectiveness of this project from scientist Arielle Tonus Ellis.
Championing a healthy Puget Sound food web in the fight for marine survival
One of the central findings of the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project (SSMSP) is that without a healthy marine food web, juvenile salmon have an uphill battle to survive. The combination of estuary and nearshore habitat loss and climate change means that salmon’s key food sources are less abundant and less predictable, and that restoration and monitoring of the Puget Sound food web is essential for salmon recovery. To help local salmon recovery planners act on these findings, this spring we published a toolkit of recommendations based on the SSMSP in partnership with Envrionmental Science Associates, emphasizing actions to improve food supply, increase estuary restoration, and improve monitoring programs. Alongside local projects adapted to the diverse watersheds of Puget Sound, recovering Puget Sound salmon also requires ongoing research that looks across the ecosystem. This summer, LLTK joined the Tulalip Tribes for a two-week voyage to collect data on juvenile salmon and their prey across the length of Puget Sound. Just like an annual checkup, monitoring surveys need to be done regularly to give scientists the best information about how salmon and their food sources are responding to changing environmental conditions. Because this data is so important for management and recovery planning as climate change advances, we’ll be joining Tribal and other partners to secure long-term funding for continued fish monitoring research across Puget Sound.


Revenue | Expenses

Revenue: $2,828,046  |  Expenses: $2,269,151

      Financial information from 2021 Federal 990 Report

      Sources of Revenue

      Government: $1,627,225*

      Foundations: $225,764

      Non-profit: $10,383

      Private: $964,673

      Expense Breakdown

      Programs: $1,499,608

      Management: $461,122

      Fundraising: $308,421

      *Includes: International Commissions, Federal, State, and Other

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      New Staff Updates

      LLTK had five new staff members join our team in 2022!
      Meet our entire team here.

      SHAARA AINSLEY, Senior Project Manager

      Shaara has managed fisheries research and conservation projects on river systems throughout California and Southeast Asia for over 10 years, most recently as Scientific Collaborations Director at FISHBIO. She holds an M.S. in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and the California State University, Monterey Bay, and a B.A. in Creative Studies (Biology Emphasis) from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

      LYNN BAKER, Development & Communications Assistant

      Lynn comes to LLTK with a decade of fundraising experience at Seattle Public Schools and Special Olympics of Washington. Lynn received her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Washington and enjoys hiking, reading, and thrifting.

      LIZ DUFFY, Science Project Manager

      Liz joins LLTK’s projects team with over 20 years of experience in research and conservation of coastal aquatic species and ecosystems. Most recently, she worked with the Tulalip Tribes to research the estuarine and marine survival of Chinook salmon. Liz holds a PhD in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences from the University of Washington, Seattle, where she helped identify factors impacting the early marine survival of juvenile Chinook salmon in Puget Sound.

      SCOTT JENKINS, Project Coordinator

      Scott coordinates Survive the Sound and other initiatives, bringing a background in environmental education and ecological restoration. Scott served in Rwanda as a Peace Corps volunteer and holds a degree in anthropology and linguistics from New York University.

      CASSIE TALLMAN, Finance Coordinator

      Cassie has a lifelong connection to the waters of Puget Sound and brings experience in both bookkeeping and salmon conservation. She holds a B.A. in environmental science from Willamette University.


      Board Updates

      Our LLTK family was saddened to lose Tom Alberg in 2022. Tom was a longtime Long Live the Kings Board member and steadfast supporter of salmon, steelhead, and sustainability. He was an essential early financial backer of the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project and Survive the Sound, both ground-breaking projects that changed the way we think about salmon management and public environmental education. Tom will be missed.



      Thank you to our 2021 project partners.


      Beta Hatch
      Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition
      Cedar Grove
      City of Everett
      Environmental Protection Agency
      Environmental Science Associates
      Fisheries and Oceans Canada
      FOX 13 News
      Friends of Moran State Park
      Game of Life
      Hama Hama Company
      Hood Canal Coordinating Council
      Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
      International Year of the Salmon
      Jamestown S’klallam Tribe
      Jefferson County
      King County
      King County Wastewater Treatment Division
      Kitsap County
      Kleinschmidt Associates
      Lilliwaup Falls Generating Company
      Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe
      Lummi Nation
      Mason County
      Montana Banana
      Moran State Park
      Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
      Natural Systems Designs
      Nisqually Indian Tribe
      Nisqually Land Trust
      NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center
      Nooksack Indian Tribe
      North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission
      Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
      Northwest Marine Technology
      Oceans Initiative
      Pacific Salmon Foundation
      Phenomenal She
      Pike Place Fish Market
      Point-No-Point Treaty Council
      Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe
      Puget Sound Institute
      Puget Sound Partnership
      Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council
      Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
      Puyallup Tribe of Indians
      Quinault Indian Nation
      San Juan County
      SeaDoc Society
      Seattle Aquarium
      Seattle City Light
      Seattle Public Utilities
      Skagit River System Cooperative
      Skagit Watershed Council
      Skokomish Indian Tribe
      Smultea Sciences
      Snohomish County
      Squaxin Island Tribe
      Stillaguamish Tribe
      Suquamish Tribe
      Tacoma Power
      The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
      Trout Unlimited
      Tulalip Tribes
      University of Washington
      US Fish and Wildlife Service
      US Forest Service
      US Geological Survey
      US Navy
      Washington Department of Ecology
      Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
      Washington Department of Natural Resources
      Washington Department of Transportation
      Washington Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office
      Washington Recreation & Conservation Office
      Washington Salmon Coalition
      Washington Sea Grant
      Washington State University
      Western Washington University
      Wild Fish Conservancy
      WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Council
      Y.E.T.I. Outdoors


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      Carma Budsberg
      Cameron Buhl
      Washington Burns
      Cliff Burns
      Cory Burrows
      Liz Burton
      Paul Burton
      Brian Busiek
      Peggy Busteed
      Connie Bye
      Dale Bye
      Dan Bye
      Mariza Cabral
      Serin Caldwell
      Laura Calhoun
      Billie Campbell
      Carly Canter
      Daniel Crowe and Molly Carmody
      Katherine Carothers
      Ariel and Jeff Carter
      Gary Case
      Lisa Case
      Irina Case
      Jennifer Cash
      Ruby Casiano
      Aline Caulley
      Jeanne Cavenaugh
      Janet Ceballos
      Lizzy Cederberg
      Adrienne Chamberlain
      Tina Chang
      Renee Charland
      Andres Chavez
      Jerry Chavez
      Diana Chen
      Rachael Eaton


      Josephine Chiles
      Soonie Choi
      Sarah Christopherson
      Kristi Ciarnau
      Philip Ciesielski
      Denise Clarke
      Bruce Clarkson
      Darren Clavis
      Barb Clizbe
      Glenna Clouse
      Marjorie Coismain
      Dan Colard
      Amanda Colbert
      Janice Colbrese
      Brigitte Colby
      Lynn Coleman
      Robyn Coleman
      Justin Colon
      Roberta Colucci
      Royce Connell
      Audrey Connor
      Laura Constancio
      Morgan Cook
      Allison Cook
      Tami Copley
      Daniel Corcoran
      David Cordiner
      Charles Costanzo
      Will Cotton
      Abby Cowan
      Mike Cowden
      Claire Cowperthwaite
      Phil Cranmer
      Jewella Cree
      Carolyn Crockett
      Heather Curbow
      Mark and Mary Currell
      Cori Currier
      Brian Curtis
      Ted Curtis
      Amy Dailey
      Amber Darling
      Lafcadio Darling
      Bob Dash
      Dennis Dauble
      Francis David
      Douglas Davidson
      Lexi Davirro
      Cassidy Davis
      Kate DeCramer
      Cheri Delgado
      Alice Dellisanti
      Christine Den Adel
      Karen Derenne
      Dave Deringer
      Satya Dhital
      Loren Dickey and Jen Vollmer
      Lonny Dill
      Kerry Dochow
      Tayler Doffner
      Andrea Doll
      Chad Drake
      Dillon Dukek
      Geoff Duncan
      Deborah J Dunn
      Holly Duskin
      Olga Dutova
      Brett Megaard and Sarah Ebreo
      Peter Edgerton
      Mike Ehlebracht
      Candace Ehringer
      Judy Eib
      Len Ekenman
      Daniel Elefant
      Sharon Elkins
      Len and Linda Elliott
      Stephen Elliott
      James Ellis
      Arla Ellsworth
      Gail Emanuel
      Amelia Emerson
      Marie Erbstoeszer
      John Erickson
      Evan Estelle
      Greg Ettl
      Jane Evanson
      Mark Ewbank
      Sandra and Delmar Fadden
      Annika Fain
      James Farley
      Steve Farone
      Eric Farringer
      Kasha Farrington
      Pam and Sam Ferguson
      Mark Fields
      John and Linda Fields
      Christopher Fitzer
      Mary Fitzgerald
      Tamera Fletcher
      Denise Fogo
      Avery Foltz
      Matt Fontaine
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      Karol Foster
      Theresa Frazer
      Karen Freisem
      Jonathan Friedman
      David Frost
      Wendy Frost
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      Michael Fujinaka
      Brittany Fuller
      Elizabeth Gage
      Sarah Gage
      Greg Gahm
      Gretchen J. Gahm
      Jessica Galiana
      Laura Gambel
      Madi Gamble
      Betsy Gammons
      Laurie and Dayne Gardner
      Alice Garofalo
      Michael Garrity
      Lisa Gay
      Penny Gee
      Allison Geiselbrecht
      Kevin Geiss
      Amy Georgeson
      Lauren Gephart
      Mary Geron
      Richard Ghillino
      Maya Giddings
      Jan Gifford
      Ryan Gilmore
      Amy Glassberg
      Gretchen Glaub
      Paul Glezen and Cathy Yu
      Ellie Gochenouer
      Rosalio Gonzales
      Jamie Goodwin
      Nick and Tiffany Gorton
      Daryl Gough and Doris Hastings
      Katelyn Gould
      Samuelle Goulds
      Sharese Graham
      Erin Graham
      Emily Graham
      Sona Greenberg
      Tom Gregory
      Melissa Griffus
      Janet Grimsby
      Karen Growney
      Erin Gubelman
      Amanda Guyler
      Casey Gwinn
      Amye Hadley
      Jeanette Haehn
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      Lisa Halverson
      Arne Hammer
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      Peter Hatch
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      Erin Hawley
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      Martha Heid
      Monique Heller
      Dan Hennessy
      Jason Hepp
      Doug and Roselie Hertzog
      Madeline Herzog
      Robert Hill
      Paul Hines
      Jenny Hise
      David Hoberecht
      Garret Hoffman
      Christine Hoffman
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      David Hunt
      Marianne Hutcheson
      George Iftner
      Elaine Isakson
      Jenny Iverson
      Sego Jackson
      LeiLani Jackson-Lee
      Jennifer Jacobus
      Piyush Jain
      Jimi A James
      Lauren Janus
      Gayle Janzen
      Terry Jemtegaard
      Jackie Jennings
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      Tom Jensen
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      Sally Johansen
      Terry Johnson
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      Karen Kalanick-Fabiano
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      Carol and Greg Karalus
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      Mary Kelly
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      Dustin Kincaid
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      Mikayla King
      David Kirkpatrick
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      Varas and Barb Klavins
      Susan Klein
      Nancy Kloster
      Linda Knapp
      Connor Knapp
      Danny Knowles
      Steve Knudsen and Mardi Hopkins
      Cal Kollet
      Fred Koontz
      Keith Kragelund
      Jimmy Kralj
      Melissa Kuntz
      Mary Kuper
      Jacquee Kurdas
      Judy Kvamme
      Lisa Kyle
      William L'Hommedieu
      Joanne Labow
      Jessica Lampert
      Alice Lancaster
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      Randy Larson
      Roger and Brenda Larson
      Edith Larson
      Dragana Lassiter
      Dennis Lauber
      Deborah Laurie
      Guy Lawrence
      Katrina Lawson
      Peter Lawson
      Marilyn Leblond
      Mike Leech
      Brian Lencho
      John Lenth
      Kathy and Mike Leonard
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      Rebecca Levy
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      Jasmine Lind
      Stacey Linville
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      Julie Loofbourow
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      Laura and Warren Westrup
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      Anke Wildman
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      Pamela Williams
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      Amanda Winans
      Michael and Pat Winckoski
      Katie Wingrove
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      Katy Wong
      Susanna Wright
      Jamie Yang
      Erela Yashiv
      Lee Yeager
      Scott Yoshino
      Verona Young
      Timothy Young
      Cloe Zeng
      Joan Zietz
      Deanna Zimmerman
      Wendy Zook

      Corporate, Foundation, & Public Support


      Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 


      National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
      Puget Sound Partnership
      Tacoma Public Utilities
      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


      Boeing Company
      King County
      Laird Norton Family Foundation
      M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
      Nisqually Indian Tribe
      The Norcliffe Foundation
      University of Washington


      Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Foundation
      Chinook Wines
      Horizons Foundation
      Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation
      Microsoft Corporation
      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
      Orcas Island Community Foundation
      Pacific Salmon Foundation
      PCC Natural Markets
      Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment
      Sustainable Path Foundation
      Tango Card
      Western Washington University


      Anthony’s Restaurants
      Bonnell Cove Foundation
      Environmental Science Associates
      Lummi Nation
      MiiR Holdings, LLC
      MJF Foundation
      Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe
      Puget Sound Express
      Rainbow Sandals
      Snoqualmie Tribe
      TOTE Maritime Alaska 


      Anchor QEA
      Blackfish Ventures LLC
      Brighton Jones
      Cedar Grove
      Clif Family Foundation
      Deer Harbor Charters
      Flaherty Family Foundation
      Intel Corporation
      Jamestown S’klallam Tribe
      Kleinschmidt Associates I R2
      Manulife Investment Management
      Pike Place Fish Market
      Puget Sound Steel Company
      Quinault Indian Nation
      Republic National Distributing Company
      Seattle City Light
      Seattle Public Utilities
      Skokomish Indian Tribe
      Squaxin Island Tribe
      Suquamish Tribe
      The Weyerhaeuser Co.
      Tulalip Tribes
      Vulcan Inc.

      In Kind Donors

      3 Howls Distillery
      A Seattle Collection
      Alaska Airlines
      Alderbrook Resort & Spa
      Anthony’s Restaurants
      Apricus Salon
      Best Western Plus Ocean View Resort
      Bio-Oregon Inc
      Bis on Main
      Bob and Barbara Jirsa
      Cafe Juanita
      Cedar Grove
      Copperworks Distilling
      David M. Dufenhorst
      David Troutt and Jean Carr
      Diamond Knot Brewing Company
      El Gaucho Seattle
      Elise and Mark Wulff
      Elizabeth Hendrix
      Erin Riccolo
      Figgins Family Winery
      Flatstick Pub
      Fresh Fish Company
      Gavelo Advancement
      Gaylord M. Kellogg
      Gerry E. Adams
      Glass Distillery
      Hama Hama Company
      Horsepower Vineyards
      Icicle Brewing Company
      Jack O’Connor and Erica Petrizzi
      Jennifer Blades
      Kilipsun Vineyards
      Lange Estate Winery and Vineyards
      Leonetti Cellar
      Lux Wines
      Marie Mentor and Andy Cole
      Marjorie Levy
      Maryhill Winery
      Michael Devany and Tracy Bishop
      Mighty-O Doughnuts
      Montana Banana

      OOLA Distillery
      Pagliacci Pizza
      Peter Eberhardt
      Phil and Maggie Stalcup
      Pike Place Fish Market
      Publisher’s Mailing Service
      Puget Sound Express
      Ray’s Boathouse & Cafe
      Rhonda Gardner and Chris Walford
      Rick and Michelle Endicott
      Rivertide Suites Hotel
      Robin and Dave Lassen
      RockCreek Seafood & Spirits
      Ron and Debby Giard
      ROOT Sports NW
      Ryan Patrick Wines
      Salish Center
      Salish Sea Ceramic Studio
      Schooner Zodiac
      Schwartz Bros. Restaurant
      Scott Sheaffer
      Scuttlebutt Brewing
      Sheri Ward
      Silver Oak Winery
      Silvia Hendrickson and Brad Smith
      Smugglers Villa Resort
      Steve and Barbara Spence
      Sugar Mountain
      Swanson’s Nursery
      The Japanese Bar
      The Resort at Port Ludlow
      The Seattle Mariners
      Todd and Brandy Sloan
      Tom A. Alberg
      Tom and Deb Schadt
      Tom and Kathleen Schafer
      Tutta Bella
      Village Theatre
      Vineyard Brands
      Vitality Pilates
      Willows Lodge
      Zach Putnam Productions LLC
      Zig Zag Cafe 

      Looking Ahead

      For decades we’ve worked to restore our salmon and steelhead populations so current and future generations can experience their majesty and the benefits they provide from mountain to sea. Because of your support, we are now putting what we learned to work in the water, engaging communities, growing support, and building on the progress made over the last 30+ years.


      Only your sustained support will push this critical work forward in a time when salmon are threatened more than ever. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to LLTK today.



      Our vision for a Northwest with a growing human population, a thriving economy, and strong salmon runs depends on you. Your sustained support drives this work onward – thank you for being part of the salmon recovery community.